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Pacciano Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The olive groves date back a thousand years and the experience local farmers have acquired through generations of olive cultivation guarantees a product of the very highest quality. 

There are four varieties of olives which are pressed to make the Pacciano Oil: Leccino, Moraiolo, Frantoio and Dolce Agogia. Each year the amount of every variety of olive we pick and mill can change according to climatic  and other natural causes. So naturally our Pacciano Oil can vary in flavour slightly from one year to the next, just like wines, as one variety of olive is more or less present in the pressing.

Our olives are hand-picked from mid-end of October into end of November of each year and then caught in nets laid out on the ground below the olive trees. Once collected, the olives are taken in to our patrner mill, where they are immediately pressed. To ensure the highest quality oil with low acidity, we ensure that the olives are pressed within a day of picking.

Once pressed, the oil is allowed to settle naturally for a period so that solids can deposit and can be extracted manually, therefore avoiding a harmful filtering process. In fact, the oil retains its natural dark green colour and its flavour remains for a longer storage period enabling you to enjoy the full taste of the oil for a year after bottling. There can sometimes be a little sediment in the bottom of the bottle; this is natural. 

Our acidity levels rarely exceed 0.3%; to qualify as "Extra Virgin" olive oil, acidity levels can be as high as 0.8%, almost three times our levels.

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