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People have been making olive oil in the Paciano area for two thousand years; historically there were three oil mills in an area of less than one thousand inhabitants ! The hills are covered with olive groves and this area has been producing some of Italys' finest oils for many years. Chamber of Commerce prices for Olive Oil in the Perugia Province are the highest in Italy, sign of its consistently good quality. 

Olive oil is an integrated part of a sound Mediterranean diet. Used to cook with, to flavour salads, vegetables, soups, stews, meat and fish dishes, olive oil consumed regularly helps prevent heart disease. With a zero cholesterol level, its vitamin (high in Vitamin E) and protein contents contribute to an all-round, healthy diet.


Our milling partner, the Frantoio del Trasimeno's (FT) modern facility in Paciano, is certified for Organic Oils, and makes a wide selection of qualities for the national and international market. 

The mill uses latest Alfa Laval technology, a cold and continuous pressing process, with no heating use, that ensures original flavours and nutrients remain in the oil. 

It was back in the end of 80s when David Newman, an englishman who fell in love and moved to Italy few years before, founded an italian company called Il Vecchio Umbro (IVU) to market italian oil from Paciano area in UK, Germany and France; some 10 years later, David got close to my father (running our organic olive oil farm as well as the local mill) and a partnership between IVU and FT started. 

At the beginning of years 2000, IVU headquarter has been moved to UK and when in 2014 our fellow David decided that it was time to go back home, I took over IVU Ltd, maintaining same vision and mission as before: delivering best product within tradition and quality.

Please enjoy!

Massimo Matturri

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